Schools Use PowerCall:

  • At 6:30 AM the phone rang. The call said "Hello. This is Mary Smith with MidCounty School District. Due to circumstances beyond our control there has been a change in schedules....."

  • I thought to myself - what a great tool - I could quickly make other arrangements!

  • here's the exciting part...

    No monthly Fee - No minimum usage.

    PowerCall can make all those calls in about 10 minutes for 16 cents a call. PowerCall is a simple to use web based delivery system that delivers phone messages to your list in just minutes. Call 1-888-481-3727 and get the 15 minute walk through. PowerCall will solve your problem. Just a 10 minute setup and PowerCall takes care of the rest.
  • Here Is One Of Many Testimonies We Have Received:

    September 12,2007


    Last spring South Wasco County School District checked out services that OAC offered through their automated message delivery system. The district was looking for a way to notify parents quickly in the event of an emergency and a simple method to inform families of snow' day cancellations and/or delayed school starting times. It seemed that OAC would meet the needs that our district had and we went through the easy set-up procedure. The system was activated for the first time just prior to the beginning of the school year. It was reasoned by administrators that if the system would work for emergencies, it might also be used for more common occurrences. Using the database that had been set up in the spring, families were notified of a football tournament and accompanying dinner. The calls went out and we waited for the response. All of the feedback was favorable. Parents appreciated being informed and the district appreciated having an inexpensive method of communication.

    We have now updated our phone lists to include numbers for specific groups of employees, students, and parents. Should an emergency occur, our district is prepared to respond quickly, thanks to OAC. We highly recommend Power Call to other school districts and we would be happy to visit with any interested persons who might have questions about our experiences with OAC.

    Sincerely yours,
    Charlotte Hawkins
    Deputy Clerk

  • What could I use PowerCall for?

    School Cancellation Notification, Weather Cancellations or Delays, Early Dismissal Reminders, Rumor Control, Meeting Notices, PTA/PTO Meeting Reminders, Absence/Tardy Parental Notification, Policy Reminders, Thank You calls, Schedule changes, Voting/Referendum Reminders, Lock Downs, On Campus Violence or Emergency Reports/Notices, you're only limited by your own Imagination!

    We've found PowerCall to be very effective, efficient, flexible, and very affordable. We will give you unlimited subgroups, These options allows schools to set up separate lists for each grade, homeroom, teacher/professor, bus route, administrators, Students only, parents and many more only limited by your own imagination. Choose a list, and send it out.

    You get an unbelievably fast response and the results are unmatched. Unlimited phone message storage. You will be able to make generic emergency messages for English, Spanish, Russian, Etc.... PowerCall is a tool capable of up to 200,000 calls per hour. PowerCall is Internet based and requires no hardware or software installation. It easily imports your call lists.

    Send automated calls in your own voice with a specific message to Students, parents, teacher’s etc., and see how amazingly fast and efficient this is.