Finance Companies Use PowerCall:

  • In light of all the turmoil, it's important for finance companies to be efficient. Right? We'll show you how easy it is...
  • The economic uncertainty has led most of you to keep a close eye on delinquencies.

    Many of you are hiring additional collection personnel and enhancing collection strategy. You need to contact your borrowers earlier in the delinquency cycle. Recent trends suggest that once your borrowers enter delinquency it's more difficult to bring them current.

    Want to kill 2 birds with one stone?

    Just use Power Call. When you push that 'Send' button, PowerCall will start making all those reminder calls. How would you like all of your 'Slow Pays' to call you?!? PowerCall makes all those calls in minutes. It is a simple web-based tool that delivers your message to your phone lists, saving you a lot of time and money.

  • This Reduces Collections Costs.

    In many operations, it takes one staff member all day to call 75-120 accounts. PowerCall delivers them in minutes for pennies per call compared to staff. PowerCall is Internet based. It requires no hardware or software installation. It easily imports phone lists so you can quickly send automated collection calls to your customers. View the Video.

    Here Is One Of Many Testimonies We Have Received:

      To whom it may concern,

        My name is Sal Calvio, Director of Training and Development for Security Finance Corporation of Spartanburg. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how great your company and your product PowerCall have been. We started working with PowerCall just under a year ago. During that time, the customer service your company has demonstrated has been spectacular! I deal with a lot of vendors across a wide range of products and not one of them even comes close to the level of service I get from your product team. When we started using your product, we wanted to give each location the ability to control when the calls were to be made , rather than handling this from a central location. Megan A. did not even flinch at the thought of setting up over 900 locations through out the country. Furthermore, she took an active role in training our locations on the use of this new product. With the help of your support team, they created a User Manual which we distributed to each of our locations. Your team even made phone calls to our people to ensure that they felt comfortable setting it up. After we started, we realized that we had a need for a specific report that is easily read. Within a few days of me asking for this, Megan sent me a report with the specific information that I asked for. When I distributed it to my team, they raved at how beneficial it was for them. PowerCall has been a key tool for us here. Our users are very happy with the ease of use and the results they get from using your product. Everyone we have been in contact with at your company has gone out of their way to be helpful to us. You have a group of wonderful people and a great product. I absolutely recommend PowerCall! If you have someone who would like to speak to a satisfied customer, have them contact me.

    Sal Calvio
    Director of Training and Development
    Security Finance Corporation of Spartanburg
    (if you want Sal's Direct phone Line, please call us)
    [email protected]

  • See for yourself how amazing the results are!