Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does OCM PowerCall work?
  • PowerCall allows you to use any phone number lists that fit your needs; (PowerCall subscribers can easily import phone lists). Then, you simply record a message, (much like a voice mail) and attach it to your call list using the easy to learn PowerCall tools. Your calls are delivered on the date and time you specify.... It's that easy!

  • Who uses OCM PowerCall?
  • Finance Companies, Auctions, Schools, Colleges, Churches, and more.

  • What do I use OCM PowerCall for?
  • Finance Collection Reminders, Sales & service promotions, service reminders, sales unsold follow-up, unsold repair order work needed, appointment reminders, thank you calls, new model availability announcements, on and on and on! We've found PowerCall is very effective when we create a promotion, choose a list, and send it out. We get unbelievably fast response.

  • What if an answering machine or voice mail answers an OCM PowerCall?
  • No problem, the message is left to receive. In fact, a PowerCall message
    is generally most effective when sent to a number that will be answered by an answering machine.

  • Who creates my OCM PowerCall recordings?
  • You can. It's a very simple process much like leaving a voice message. Dial 1-866-227-9084. Enter your account number xxxxxx and password xxxx. Then record your message - 40 second maximum. (We suggest you Use a voice and name that is familiar to the people on your phone lists when possible.) After finishing the recording, attach your message to your OCM PowerCall campaign. If you wish to have your recording professionally produced, a great site to do this at very economical prices is www.fiverr.com. You pick a voice, send them a script and file specification, and they email back the file ready to go.

  • How fast do my calls get delivered with OCM PowerCall?
  • Currently our capacity is about 20,000 calls per hour so keep that in mind when planning the time of day for the delivery of calls. Our capacity may vary of course based on system usage at the time of your request.

  • What are the legal issues of using an automated delivery system like OCM PowerCall?
  • Our experience has been that the use of automated telephony, when done in a tasteful manner and not so often as to be annoying or harassing, has generally created very few problems. However, there are Federal laws that regulate telemarketing, and there are also state laws regulating this activity, which vary from state to state. It is your responsibility to ensure that your activities using PowerCall comply with all of these Federal and state laws, and we recommend that you make this determination prior to sending calls using PowerCall.

    An attorney should be able to advise you as to these matters. Also, a helpful website to review is the FTC web page entitled "Complying with the Telemarketing Sales Rule." See www.ftc.gov. You should consult with your attorney regarding compliance with applicable laws in this area.

  • OK, I'm Sold, Now tell me what is the cost of PowerCall
  • Surprisingly very little. Most of the other suppliers of the same technology charge setup/monthly fees usually amounting to $8000-$10,000 per year even before you get to the per-minute rates. Because of OCM's unique position as a technology provider we have the lowest rates available.

    PowerCall Low Rates:

    Pennies per call dialed anywhere in the US 48 states and Canada.

    (The number of messages delivered depends on the accuracy of the phone numbers supplied.)

  • Sounds great, what do I do now to get started?
  • Once we've received the signed PowerCall agreement, we'll contact you to assign you a PowerCall password so you can access and use the system. That's it! Begin using PowerCall today!