Churches Use PowerCall:

  • The phone call said "Greetings. This is Bill Smith at Cornerstone. Just reminding you that summer camp sign up ends this saturday. We also have a need for volunteer ushers this weekend. Please call me if you can help....."
    I thought to myself - what a great communication tool! I called Bill back right away.

    What ever you do to notify your congregation, it costs you more than it would to use PowerCall.

    I don't know about your church, but ours spends about 50 cents (and up) for postcard reminders (and it's a lot more work!) At OCM we specialize in saving folks money. You should be using PowerCall. Here's how it works: PowerCall can make all those calls in about 10 minutes for pennies a call. PowerCall is a simple to use web based message delivery system that delivers reminder messages to your members in just minutes. PowerCall will solve your problem. Just a 10 minute setup and PowerCall takes care of the rest.
  • No monthly Fee - No minimum usage.

    What would I use PowerCall for?

    Simple, quick messages to the flock are now affordable and easy with PowerCall. Congregation Messages - This is a basic call where the PowerCall system dials from a list of your phone numbers and plays your custom message (in your own voice) either to individuals or answering machines. This technique is useful when you wish to provide brief but clear messages to as many households as possible such as:
    • • Schedule of Church Services
    • • Request For Church Volunteers
    • • Timely Church Communications
    • • Church Reminder Service
    • • Special Church Events
    • • Church Funeral Announcements
    • • Emergency Notifications
    • • Church Fund Raising
    • • Church Activities
    • • Church Wedding Announcements
    • • Voice Mail Messages
    • • Committee Meetings


         We just signed up with PowerCall and already we've experienced great results. Our church budget is tight and we are always looking for ways to cut costs. In the past we've used postcards to inform people of upcoming meetings. When you figure the cost of cards, ink, postage, and all the time it takes to put the mailing together, we can accomplish the goal at half the cost with PowerCall.

    Robbie S.
    Fellowship Missionary Church
    Ft. Wayne, IN

  • Quickly and easily reduce staff efforts allowing more productivity. PowerCall is a tool capable of up to 20,000 calls per hour.

  • PowerCall is simple to use. It is Internet based and requires no hardware or software installation. We'll show you how to use it in 10 minutes!