Finance Companies, Auctions, Schools, Colleges, Churches, and more.

OCM PowerCall is a web based message delivery system. What message would you like to deliver? PowerCall does it fast! We use the most current Internet technology to effectively reach your customer base. The OCM PowerCall system is a very simple to use tool that is much more effective and many times less expensive than direct mail.

By using the web, your message can be delivered almost instantly. By sending messages to your customer's telephone answering machines, cell or telephone voice mails, you can be sure that your message is accepted, unlike spam E-mails or regular direct junk mail.

Simple and easy to use: Call a toll free number to make a quick voice recording, choose a phone list from your current lists, and then attach your recording to the campaign. PowerCall sends the message allowing your staff to work on other things. It's that easy!

For a complete explanation of OCM PowerCall see our Frequently Asked Questions